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AGES 9 - 13

BIGGER                               STRONGER                                      FASTER

The Baseball Academy Youth Development Program is designed to help each athlete develop his full potential and put himself in a position to dominate and win.

This program is dedicated to our younger athletes ages 9-13.  It will feature some of the same programs that have helped develop 90+ mph bat speed and throwing velocity. It will also be integrated with, plyometric work, strength and conditioning, speed and agility training, bat speed and verti-max training.

At the collegiate level, baseball scholarships are limited.  It becomes more vital than ever to develop a routine, at a young age, so that you are well prepared and ahead of the curve by the time you reach high school.

This is what every athlete and coach is looking for.  If this is you, then the Baseball Academy has the program for you.



This is a unique program used by college and universities. Birmingham Baseball has used this program to develop 90 + mph bat speed with our high school teams.



Designed not only to build straight ahead speed but also lateral movement and nimbleness.



Verti-max ability to dynamically and simultaneously load multiple points on the human body (gluts, quads, calves, and hip flexors). Delivers superior strength

and conditioning benefits, therefore building speed, vertical leap and explosive leg power.



Designed to build the athlete from the ground up with emphasis on the upper body and core.



Exercises in which muscles exert max force in short intervals. Goal to increase strength – speed – power – quickness.


For further information please contact:

Birmingham Baseball @ 205.681.7964