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Bat Speed

This unique program used by major colleges and universities has been designed by Birmingham Baseball and The Baseball Academy to develop 90+ mph bat speed with our hitters.

Bat speed is just an ingredient in a powerful swing and can be developed with, hard work, dedication, and proper technique. Our proven bat speed training course uses the Zepp Analyzer technology to give our players feedback on, hand speed, bat path, time to impact, and bat speed. 




“The Bat Speed program really helped me evolve into the player I am today. It helped me improve my swing, improve my reaction time and improve my speed and strength through the baseball. It was a cornerstone to me and my improvement as a ball player and I still use the same drills and techniques today in my daily routine.”

Reid Powers

75 mph to 96 mph

University of South Alabama


“The Bat Speed program helped me tremendously as a hitter. It improved my power incredibly and allowed me to consistently make harder contact.

This program also allowed me to backspin the baseball better which led to farther ball flight.

I believe every young hitter needs to use this program as it will benefit them tremendously.”

Cole Prestegard

80 mph to 98 mph

Troy University